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Driver Improvement Program

Hawaii Transportation Association’s Driver Improvement Program class helps companies comply with Part II (Annual Driver Safety Course) of the State’s Driver Improvement Program (DIP) requirement. To meet compliance, DIP classes are 8 hours long.

School Bus Driver Improvement Program
(available from December 2012)

Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for more information

License Upgrade – to Type 4, CDL A,B & C

– Includes, class, Pre Trip, Skills & Road Training
Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for more information

Heavy Equipment Class & Certification

(minimum of 3 required for class)
Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for more information

Heavy Equipment Formal Training & Certification

– Total Training (minimum of 3 required)
Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for more information

Road Evaluations

Our Road Evaluation helps you to comply with Part I (Evaluation) of the DIP.

Vehicle Inspection and Pre Trip Coaching

Vehicle Inspection is designed to help a driver get familiar with the inspection of the vehicle.  (Minimum two hours).

Pre Trip Coaching is designed to help a driver pass the inspection requirement for  license upgrade. (Minimum two hours)

Hazardous Materials Training

Our 6 hour hazardous material training class is designed to comply with Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 172.704(a), except 172.704(a)(ii).

Forklift Training

Part 1: Forklift  Training
Our 4 hour forklift training program is designed to review operational characterics of a forklift.

Part 2: Forklft Evaluation (Certification/Recertification)
Evaluation consists of the following:

  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Skills evaluation.   Form will be completed for each operator.  Must be experienced.
Formal Forklift Training

Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for more information

–  Program is designed to teach an new forklift operator how to operate a powered industrial truck safety. Call Lynn at (808) 833-6628 for price quote.  Fee includes certification.

Safety Seminars

Several seminars are scheduled annually covering current safety related subjects.

Public Education – Safety Brochures

HTA offers the following brochures to educate everyone about proper safe driving techniques and the hazards to look out for while driving on the highway:

Sharing the Highway with Large Vehicles

  • On a level highway, it takes three to five seconds longer to pass a truck, bus or tractor-trailer.
  • If you’re following, or traveling next to a large vehicle, stay out of the “blind spots” that are to the rear, left side and especially on the right side of the vehicle.
  • Pay close attention to turn signals on buses, trucks and tractor-trailers.

Road Rage and You
This brochure teaches you how to deal with agressive drivers who:

  • Express frustration while driving.
  • Tailgate.
  • Make frequent, unnecessary lane changes.
  • Rubberneck.
  • Run red lights.

This brochure informs you about the blind spots around large vehicles and how to avoid them. HTA also conducts presentations for high school Driver’s Education classes. For more information about the national “No-Zone” program, please click on the following link: